Vision & Mission


  • to encourage the child?s natural curiosity and love for learning
  • to foster independent and confident lifelong learners
  • to help the child develop skills to prepare him for life
  • to provide:
    • a carefully prepared environment that promotes self-teaching and engaged learning
    • an environment that is responsive to the needs of the children
    • an interesting and enriched environment that encourages the children to pursue their interests and explore their learning experiences
    • an environment that promotes cooperation and respect
  • to foster an environment of caring and sharing among the learners and between learners and teachers
  • to foster pride in being a Filipino and develop in them a sense of responsibility as a citizen of the world


A carefully prepared learning environment that cultivates the mind, strengthens the skills and nurtures the spirit of the children we serve.

A community where the children are joyful, confident, lifelong learners who possess a deep sense of respect for self, others and their environment.

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